Types of Personal Injury Compensation

Tampa personal injury attorneyIf you have been the victim of an accident in which you suffered personal injury then you probably know already that you are legally entitled to some compensation for your troubles and that you can legally pursue the same provided that the accident was caused by negligence or carelessness on the part of someone else.

However, while this information may be common knowledge, most victims of personal injury do not really know the type of compensation that they should pursue.

Below are the three main types of compensation that are typically pursued by personal injury victims in Tampa:

  • Treatment compensation – some injuries, especially spinal injuries, could take a lifetime to treat and may never heal completely. In that time, the costs of treating the injuries will continue growing and can become quite significant down the line. continue reading here for more information. As such, you deserve to be compensated for all the costs of your treatment up to the time the lawsuit is determined as well as for the costs of undergoing any future treatments.  Medical treatment records since the time of injury as well as testimonies from expert witnesses can be used to determine the exact amount of money that should be paid to you as compensation for your treatment.
  • Loss of income compensation – if the injuries that you sustained cannot allow you to work or carry on with your regular income earning activities then you can also pursue compensation for your lost wages or income in addition to the costs of getting your treatment.
  • Wrongful death compensation – the families and relatives of victims of personal injuries who succumb to their injuries can and should pursue compensation for the loss of those lives.

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The bizarre laws about sex in the world

It may seem that it is today impossible to control human sexuality, especially state laws. Yet in many countries there are formally prescribed rules on sexual behavior inhabitants. For example, until 1990 in many states use dildos was forbidden by law.However, this is not an isolated example, and we present the most unusual laws about sex prescribed worldwide.


USA – Anal sex is illegal in some states

It is known that in the United States each state, but also the city have their own specific laws, some of which are totally bizarre. In some US states anal sex is prohibited. In Detroit, it is illegal for couples to have sex in their car, unless it is parked on their own property. The only acceptable position in sex is missionary, and the others are considered illegal in the US capital Washington. In Pennsylvania men are prohibited erection in public.


In Texas, it is banned any kind of oral and anal sex between two men. This law does not apply to heterosexual couples. Men are forbidden to have sex with a woman if you are eating garlic, onions or sardines in Alexandria, Minnesota. If his wife still wants sex, the law stipulates that he must brush his teeth. In Minnesota is also forbidden to sleep without clothes.  If you want to know more about this continue reading on this link.

In Oregon men can be fined if they talk during sex, and this law does not apply to women.In Iowa kiss should not take longer than five minutes. Many states also have prescribed laws pertaining to sexual intercourse between two animals. In Guam, there are men who had steady work for money to sleep with virgins because it is legally forbidden in this country for innocent girls to marry.

I suppose that this sounds very strange to you but we have to be aware that sexwasn’t always a subject to speak easily in public. It used to be taboo and it wasn’t very common to speak about it in public. Nowadays it is very normal to talk about sex in public and there are a lot of articles and blogs about it.

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About International Law



Relations between nations and states are very important factor of the world peace. But to carry the meeting at those levels, and to send out your money and military to aid other countries that are in trouble, a kind of law is needed to limit what a country can do on international level. International law is such thing, a set of rules that govern relationships and rights of all countries in the world.

 Difference between international and all other laws is the fact that international law is brought on the nation level, while other laws are brought against citizens and their organizations. Due to the issue of state sovereignty no country has an obligation to follow the rules of international law. International law may be used against or for the country only when that country accepted international law and rules it carries. But, there are some aspects of international law that each and every nation is expected to follow, such as the certain aspects of customary international law. 

   There are three major sources of international law, and those sources are customs, treaties and general principles. Find more click resources Then there are some subsidiary sources, scholarly writings and judicial decisions. Only during the 20th century did the decision came, decision to accept the legal and political theories that a sovereign state can limit itself and its authority by accepting an agreement  that was written according to pact sunt servanda principle.

   International law brought the creation of international courts. Courts whose task is to settle the lawsuits between countries. Number of all international bodies is big, because everybody that has its influence over at least two countries falls under the law of international law and international courts. There is only one law that has a claim on universal jurisdiction, and that is United Nations Security Council.

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